Why 'hello me'?

Lea Cooper and her team at Pro-Team Management Pty Ltd have 25 years’ experience in planning, arranging and hosting successful study tours, conferences and functions across the globe for both private and corporate clients.

'hello me' is a product of Lea’s passion to create exceptional experiences for small groups that enable people to:

  • Enjoy a safer escorted and personalised travel experience
  • Be accommodated in special places that will go the extra mile to surprise and service
  • Be offered exciting, fun, tailor made activity choices that inspire and reward your senses
  • Connect and share with others or create your own space in a supported environment

The 'hello me' Philosophy


Sometimes we have to escape from our routine lives in order to get a fresh look at our world and find time to get re-acquainted with ourselves. However making travel arrangements and getting to unfamiliar destinations can be more stressful than restful. Frustration with the unexpected, disappointment when things don’t go to plan, and poor or mediocre service along the way means that we don’t always come back as refreshed as we’d hoped.

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye

'hello me' is different... we put everything in place and you get to ‘breathe’... you get to find, be and enjoy ‘yourself’. Travelling on a 'hello me' escape is like having your own personal concierge along for the journey.

We put a package of experiences in place at each destination and if you have any specific activities on your wish list - we will try to incorporate them into your program - always keeping you in the loop as to any additional schedule changes, costs etc.

We know how difficult solo travelling can be and we're used to making special arrangements for special needs. All 'hello me' Packages are designed for both the solo traveller and for those who wish to travel with a friend or partner. Our aim is to have everyone feel comfortable and at ease on their new and exciting adventure.

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